Holiday Trading Hours

Memorial, Whit and Late May Bank Holiday

Symbol 21/05/2020 22/05/2020 25/05/2020 26/05/2020
Precious Metals Normal Normal 01:01-19:59 Normal
DJ30.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
FT100.fs Normal Normal Closed Normal
NAS.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
S&P.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
BRENT.fs Normal Normal 04:00-20:30 Normal
COCOA.fs Normal Normal Closed Normal
COFFEE.fs Normal Normal Closed Normal
COPPER.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
SOYBEAN.fs Normal Normal Closed Normal
NATGAS.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
WTI.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
JPN225 Normal Normal 02:30-09:25, 09:55-19:59 Normal
UK100 Normal 01:00-22:59 Closed 03:00-23:15, 23:30-23:59
US30 Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
US500 Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
US2000 Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
USTECH Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
UKOIL Normal Normal 04:00-20:30 Normal
USOIL Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
USDINDEX.fs Normal Normal 03:00-19:59 Normal
GOLD.fs Normal Normal 03:00-19:59 Normal
SILVER.fs Normal Normal 01:00-19:59 Normal
VIX.fs Normal Normal 01:00-18:29 Normal
SWI20 Closed Normal Normal Normal

Date CCY symbol Exchange Place Holidays
01-Jan-20 ALL ALL New Years Day
02-Jan-20 JPY Tokyo Bank Holiday
03-Jan-20 JPY Tokyo Bank Holiday
13-Jan-20 JPY Tokyo Coming of Age Day
20-Jan-20 USD New York Birthday of Martin Luther King
24-30-Jan-20 CNY Beijing Chinese New Year
25-27-Jan-20 SGD Singapore Chinese New Year
25-27-Jan-20 HKD Hong Kong Lunar New Year
27-Jan-20 AUD Sydney Australia Day
11-Feb-20 JPY Tokyo National Foundation Day
17-Feb-20 USD New York Presidents Day
23-Feb-20 JPY Tokyo Emperor's Birthday OBS
02-Mar-20 AUD Sydney Labour Day WA
09-Mar-20 AUD Sydney Labour Day VIC
20-Mar-20 JPY Tokyo Spring Equinox
04-Apr-20 HKD Hong Kong Ching Ming Festival
4-6-Apr-20 CNY Beijing Ching Ming Festival
10-Apr-20 HKD Hong Kong Good Friday
10-Apr-20 SGD Singapore Good Friday
10-Apr-20 AUD Sydney Good Friday
10-Apr-20 GBP London Good Friday
10-Apr-20 EUR Madrid Good Friday
10-Apr-20 EUR Amsterdam Good Friday
10-Apr-20 EUR Berlin Good Friday
13-Apr-20 HKD Hong Kong Easter Monday
13-Apr-20 EUR Berlin Easter Monday
13-Apr-20 EUR Amsterdam Easter Monday
13-Apr-20 GBP London Easter Monday
13-Apr-20 AUD Sydney Easter Monday
25-Apr-20 AUD Sydney ANZAC Day
27-Apr-20 EUR Amsterdam Kings Birthday
29-Apr-20 JPY Tokyo Showa Day (formerly Greenery Day) OBS
30-Apr-20 HKD Hong Kong Birth of Buddha
01-May-20 HKD Hong Kong Labour Day
01-May-20 SGD Singapore Labour Day
01-May-20 EUR Madrid Labour Day
01-May-20 EUR Amsterdam Labour Day
1-5-May-20 CNY Beijing Labour Day 1
03-May-20 JPY Tokyo Constitution Day
04-May-20 JPY Tokyo Greenery Day (formerly National Holiday)
05-May-20 JPY Tokyo Children's Day
05-May-20 EUR Amsterdam Liberation Day
07-May-20 SGD Singapore Vesak Day*
08-May-20 GBP London Early May Bank Holiday
21-May-20 EUR Amsterdam Ascension Day
21-May-20 EUR Berlin Ascension Day
24-May-20 SGD Singapore Hari Raya Puasa*
25-May-20 GBP London Late May Bank Holiday
25-May-20 USD New York Memorial Day
01-Jun-20 EUR Berlin Whit Monday
01-Jun-20 EUR Amsterdam Whit Monday
08-Jun-20 AUD Sydney Queen's Birthday
25-Jun-20 CNY Beijing Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Day)*
25-Jun-20 HKD Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Day)*
01-Jul-20 HKD Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day OBS
04-Jul-20 USD New York Independence Day
23-Jul-20 JPY Tokyo Marine Day
31-Jul-20 SGD Singapore Hari Raya Haji*
03-Aug-20 AUD Sydney Bank Holiday - NSW
03-Aug-20 GBP London Summer Bank Holiday
10-Aug-20 SGD Singapore National Day
10-Aug-20 JPY Tokyo Mountain Day
15-Aug-20 EUR Madrid, Berlin Assumption Day
07-Sep-20 USD New York Labor Day
21-Sep-20 JPY Tokyo Respect for the Aged Day
22-Sep-20 JPY Tokyo Autumn Equinox OBS
01-Oct-20 CNY Beijing Mid-autumn Festival*
01-Oct-20 HKD Hong Kong Chinese National Day
1-8-Oct-20 CNY Beijing National Day
02-Oct-20 HKD Hong Kong Day Following Mid-autumn Festival*
03-Oct-20 EUR Berlin Unity Day
05-Oct-20 AUD Sydney Labour Day - NSW
12-Oct-20 USD New York Columbus Day
12-Oct-20 EUR Madrid Hispanics Day
25-Oct-20 CNY Beijing Chung Yeung Festival
25-Oct-20 HKD Hong Kong Chung Yeung Festival
01-Nov-20 EUR Madrid, Berlin All Saints Day
03-Nov-20 JPY Tokyo Culture Day
11-Nov-20 USD New York Veterans' Day OBS
14-Nov-20 SGD Singapore Deepavali*
23-Nov-20 JPY Tokyo Labour Thanksgiving Day
26-Nov-20 USD New York Thanksgiving
06-Dec-20 EUR Madrid Constitution Day
25-Dec-20 All All Christmas Day
26-Dec-20 AUD Sydney Boxing Day
26-Dec-20 GBP London Boxing Day
26-Dec-20 HKD Hong Kong Christmas Holiday

*** Maybe subjected to alteration ***

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